Chris Narine

my story



The village shaman foresees the birth of a child who will have an immensely wild imagination and a whispy mustache by the time he turned ten.
​That child was me...Chris. I know you didn't see that one coming.
Bumps, bruises and broken bones didn't stop me from graduating from NJIT with a bachelors degree in Digital Design. 



Since getting my degree I've worked in different environments : corporate, freelance, hip office with an arcade machine. I have a varacious appetite for learning anything and everything that will help me get  my stories across to as many people as possible.
2014-2015 : Miskowski Design - Graphic Designer
2015-2016 : GasBuddy - Visual Designer
2016-2017 : VideoHelper - Director of Social Media

2015-Present : Miskowski Design - Graphic Designer

I was also a NYC graffiti tour guide while I was in college.


Currently obsessed with art, storytelling, design, cartoons, comics and sour candy.